Ionizing detox foot baths available at Johnson Compounding and Wellness

Ionizing detox foot baths are available at Johnson Compounding and Wellness.  Each session lasts 30 minutes and the cost is $40.00.
Clients have returned weekly to once a month for follow up appointments after experiencing this Ionizing detox foot bath.
Comments have included:

  • I feel more energetic
  • I am sleeping better
  • My feet are softer
  • My head is clearer

Here are some suggestions to assist your body before, during and after your Ionizing detox foot bath;

Keep Hydrated:

  • Sip water all through the day, every day.  Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water
  • Hydrate II (homeopathic blend) can be added to water to assist in absorption
  • evamore alkaline water helps balance Ph

Probiotics: add a well formulated probiotic to enhance bowel function and support the immune system

Support your liver: Your liver is your main detoxification organ

Antioxidant support: Antioxidants help protect the body daily and especially during detoxifying

Call Gary or Jenna at 781-893-3870 x2 to schedule your appointment

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