Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center goes solar

Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center now has a renewable energy system to show the community they are just as committed to a healthy environment as they are to the wellness of their customers. Johnson Compounding, a PCAB Accredited Pharmacy, provides customized naturopathic and homeopathic remedies to meet the health needs of their customers. They address the whole person with legendary service unlike anywhere else.SolarFlairEnergy provided financing, design and installation services for this 4.4kW grid-tied solar photovoltaic project in Waltham, Massachusetts.The roof-mounted PV solar system will transform the natural energy of the sun into 25% of the electricity used to run the pharmacy. The solar panels were installed in just 5 business days without disruption to the retail business and the project was right on budget. Johnson Compounding will receive a Federal Stimulus Grant for 30% of the project cost and a rebate for part of their expenses from the Commonwealth Solar II Program. They will generate additional revenue from their panels through the new Massachusetts Solar Renewable Energy Credit Market. The investment for the PV system will break-even within six years.The system has a web-based monitoring system that allows the company to view their energy production and emission savings.Johnson Compounding has made a great business investment and that will simultaneously improve the environment over the 25 year life of the system.

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