Legislation to expand vaccinations to adults public comments due by March 9, 2015

Proposed Expansion of Vaccinations to Adults Proposed in Draft Legislation of US Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHS)for their  National Adult Immunization Plan–Public Comments Due by March 9, 2015vaccine

There is major legislation pending that may change requirements mandating immunization and eliminating many exemptions. The reason I am blogging about this is that there has been little mentioned in the mainstream media/news.  Many people have not been informed that the public comment period for this proposed legislation is ending in a few days.
Our philosophy here at Johnson Compounding & Wellness is that people are entitled to make an informed decision about their health and health care options. When legislation is proposed, people have the right to inform their legislators how they feel regarding these issues.  We need access to quality information from both sides of an issue in order to reach an informed opinion on the issue.
Below are a few links that address the different viewpoints on this proposed legislation.  Also there is a link so you can read the draft of the legislation.
Please let your legislators know how you feel and please provide your comments to the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. Emails to HHS (they prefer email)  can be sent to:  Rebecca.Fish@hhs.gov 
The Current Measles Craze Richard Moskowitz, M. D.
Law, Ethics, and Public Health in the Vaccination Debates. Politics of the Measles Outbreak (JAMA 2/12/2015  Lawrence O. Gostin, JD)
Solicitation of Written Comments of the Draft National Adult Immunization Plan (Federal Register)

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