“Let Them Eat Dirt-Saving Your Child from an Over Sanitized World”

Some days when I am reading the newspaper, I am amazed at some of the articles I come across.dirt
Last week in the life section of the Wall Street Journal there was a two-page article titled “Get your Children Good and Dirty”
The article was discussing information in the book “Let Them Eat Dirt: Saving Your Child From an Orver-sanitized World” by Dr. Finlay and Dr. Arrieta.
The article and the book explain that we have spent most of the last 100 years thinking that microbes need to be destroyed and they all lead to disease.  We have overused antibiotics, and have been keeping ourselves too clean.
In the book, it is explained that during the first months of life, our microbiome is not well established.  Being exposed to microbes in the environment helps….(more)

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