Let's talk about supplements with Dr Gary Kracoff on W4WN.com with Susan Rich

Journalist-blogger Susan Rich chats with listeners about how to Learn, Eat, Thrive on her internet radio show, Rich&Gluten-Free.
This week Susan interviews Gary Kracoff, naturopathic physician and registered pharmacist, at Johnson Compounding & Wellness Center located in Waltham, MA. They’re going to talk about how supplements heal, but also why you should take some kinds under a doctor’s supervision.
Click here for the mp3 of the internet broadcast aired Tuesday November 22, 2011.
Gary will be joining Susan Rich again on Tuesday November 29, 2011.  Listen live (see link below).
Listen and learn :
11 am ET Tuesday, November 29, 2011.
Women 4 Women Radio, the All Women’s Radio Network
Call in: 561-422-4365

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