Looking for a vitamin for your child?

When it comes to finding the right vitamins and supplements for your family it can often be overwhelming.  There are so many options; chewables, gummies, powders, etc.  I am fortunate enough to work at such an amazing place, Johnson Compound & Wellness, where I can learn and test out which vitamins are the best fit for my family.
Check out this statistic: 76% of Americans don’t eat enough fruit, and 87% don’t eat enough vegetables to meet the recommended daily allowance.  Yikes!
A few years back I started giving my daughter the Amazing Grass Kidz Superfoods, which she has been loving.  Every morning we just fill her water bottle up and add a scoop of the purple powder.  She (and her classmates) call it her purple vitamin juice.

My healthy 5 year old girl!

But recently we’ve started to look at other options.  Just so happens this week…our amazing Functional Dietitian, Bridgitte Carroll, was doing in-store tasting for another super vitamin, called Phytoganix from one of our professional lines, Metagenics.  And it was really tasty!  So off I go to try and convince my stubborn (almost) 5 year old that I have an awesome new powder vitamin for her.  At first she looked at me kind of funny – like “Mom, why do I need to change my vitamin”?  I briefly explained that this new super vitamin powder was meant for big kids and that it was made for anyone who is looking to be healthy and strong.  So, after a quick taste test…she approved.  I was a bit surprised that it all went so smoothly.  And off she went the next day with her green vitamin juice to show her friends that she needed an upgrade because she’s getting so big!  So I am giving her 1/2 scoop every morning with 8 oz of water.  And for myself, 1 full scoop with 8 oz water or in a smoothie with some almond milk!   Phytoganix is kid and MOM approved!

If you’d like to come in and sample a variety of our vitamins for you – or your kiddos drop in anytime!  We would love to help your family find the best supplementary needs for your overall health and wellness.  Or you can call 781-893-3870 and speak to our knowledgeable staff!

Phytoganix is:
• 20+ whole foods in each serving, including: organic fruits, organic
vegetables, organic flax seed, organic chia, organic quinoa sprouts,
and herbs


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