Migraine Lecture at JCW

Dr. Ronald Aung-Din joined the staff at Johnson Compounding & Wellness last week to discuss his topical formula for the treatment of migraines.    Dr. Aung-Din is a believer in topical therapy for any neurotopic drug ingredient.  Within his practice in Sarasota, Florida his experience focuses on treatment of topical creams to the BONATH (Back of the Neck at the Hairline).  He has applied this theory with a number of active ingredients in a lipoderm base cream to treat many neurologic conditions.
Another reason he treats with topical medication is because the therapy is effective in minutes, whereas transdermal therapy may take hours to make its way into the bloodstream.  Also the side effects that patients may experience with other migraine therapies are eliminated with topical application to the BONATH, which is a major advantage for patients who have dealt with side effects.
Please feel free to call (#781-893-3870)and speak to one of our knowledgeable pharmacists today to learn about different options to treat migraines and pain.

Dr. Aung-Din presents his information to a great group at JCW!


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