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According to many doctors and meteorologists, the brutal winter and the cool spring has caused a pollen eruption and very severe spring allergy season.  The freezing temperatures over the long winter and a cool spring has delayed the blooming of many trees and grasses.  This has caused an explosion of pollen all at once, as many delayed trees and plants released their pollen at the same time.
In addition to this, the large amount of snow this winter has caused a higher than usual growth of mold.
When someone has allergy symptoms, it is their immune system becoming overwhelmed and over-reacting.  This is why many people who have never experienced any spring allergy issues may have problems this year.  The high amounts of many pollens being released at once will cause an over-reaction of their immune system.
There are many products that assist our bodies by relieving the allergy symptoms while helping our bodies to respond more appropriately.  These natural products do not cause drowsiness, and are safe for children and adults.
Now is the time to start helping your body, don’t wait until you are having severe symptoms.
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Lecture: Wednesday June 17, 2015 @7:00 PM  Natural Remedies for Summertime allergies, bug Bites and Sunburn
Dr. Gary will be leading you in an interactive discussion on natural solutions to the common summer ailments. He will discuss reasons why some over the counter anti-histamines and anti-itch poison ivy rash mosquito bitesproducts are just suppressing the problem versus allowing the body to heal as a whole. Homeopathy, herbs and natural solutions will be discussed benefiting all ages from infants to seniors.
Seating is limited so please reserve your seat.

  1. In Person at 577 Main St, Waltham
  1. Over the Phone: 781-893-3870 Ext 3

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