New study on Omega-3 conclusions are overblown

The numerous benefits of omega-3 fatty acids from foods (like salmon and sardines) and dietary fishsupplements are well-established for men and women in all stages of life according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition.  Hundreds of studies over the past two decades have shown omega-3 fatty acids to have positive effects associated with cardiovascular health, perinatal health, inflammation, cognitive function and cancer.
The Council for Responsible Nutrition continues: “It is counter productive when studying nutrition for researchers to promote their study as if it were the only piece of research that counts.  In this case in particular, it is especially disingenuous for the researchers to make the kinds of assertions we’ve seen in the press, given their results are in stark contrast to previous epidemiologic studies that not only demonstrate no correlation between omega-3 consumption through fish and/or supplementation and the risk of prostate cancer, but in many cases also showed a protective effect against prostate cancer. “… more

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