NEWCHAPTER everykid multvitamin: no water, no mixing, no spills

Finaly a perfect, tongue-tingling, organic, easy to give childrens vitamin. EveryKid is one of a kind.  This is nourishment as Nature intended.  Made with organic ingredients, this is a safe, delicious, whole-food complex of nutrition that kids can reach for for daily.No synthetic vitamin isolates, no aluminum dyes, no refined sugars, no aspartame, no pesticides or herbicide residues.Tear open a powder pouch and let them dive into EveryKid.  No mixing, no water, no spills, no capsules and no worries.  Just pure goodness and fun that go anywhere.Pick their favorite fruit.  Organid blends of green apples, or mixed berries ensure a tasty tongue-tingling sensation every time.  You pour the powder right onto the tongue for a delicious tingling sensation.Starter packs of 7 days or box for 1 month on sale now 25% off!

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