Nutrition and Chronic Disease Management

On Thursday, a few members of the Johnson Compounding & Wellness Team attended a very informative lecture on Nutrition Relationships in relation to Chronic Disease Management.  The event was sponsored by Spectracell, a specialized clinical testing laboratory company.  Dr. Bernarda Zenker, a Board Certified Family Physician from Minnesota, spoke to a full house of providers interested in using nutritional therapies in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease.

 Dr. Zenker speaking on Micronutrients

Dr. Zenker discussed topics including Mitochondrial support, the importance of detoxifying the body and Micronutrients that are essential for biochemical health.  There was great discussion about the importance of micronutrient testing in order to determine a proper regimen for patients; lifestyle, supplementation, etc.
We are proud to work closely with many of the providers that attended the lecture.  It was a great evening and we are thrilled to have been a part of it!

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