2014…and a Better you! Part 1

It is nearing the end of another year.  And many of us struggle with a variety of unrealistic goals and resolutions.  And usually by February, we have ditched the resolutions all together….and maybe even gained back a few pounds!  But if we take a step back and attempt to modify some  attainable aspects in our life, we may see lasting results! Try to implement even a few of these ideas to make for a happier and healthier 2014!
  • Control portions. Many of us tend to load up our plates when eating.  And dining out is almost a guarantee that you will overeat.  When possible, try and limit to amount of food on your plate.  Maybe have light snack before you know you will be having a meal.
  • Make a commitment to snack better!  It can help keep blood sugar levels and energy steady – which leads to improved mood, better productivity and more effective appetite control. Pack/plan snacks and make sure you always have healthy ones on hand.  Here area a options: fresh or dried fruit; raw, unsalted nuts (pistachios, cashews or walnuts); natural cheeses and dark chocolate.
  • Get moving.  If you enjoy certain exercises/training…stick to it!  But if you’re really committed to getting into shape in the coming year, maybe a personal trainer can get you off to the right start. If you plan to do strength training you may need a trainer to teach the correct form so that you won’t injure yourself.
  • Pay it forward.  Get involved in your community.  Giving of yourself can be satisfying. Whether it is feeding the homeless, visiting the elderly or terminal ill, do something to give back.
  • Positive attitude. It has been said before that you can’t have a positive life with a negative attitude.  And this rings true in our everyday interactions in life.  Seek out the people that build you up, surround yourself with people that bring you joy.  As cliche as it may sound…this is the only life that you have, so live it to the fullest.  And being positive is one way to start!


Check out Part 2 of your ‘2014…and a Better You ‘ when Dr Gary gives some ideas for proper supplementation!

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