PERCEPTIV: designed to support and improve cognitive health

Tuesday, December 16th we had a full house when Dr. Shea talked about Perceptiv, an over-the-perceptivcounter for memory issues, Alzheimer’s.  Dr. Shea spoke about what you can do to help improve cognitive health and he gave a clear explanation of how diet, lifestyle and exercising your brain can help keep us more mentally sharp as we age.
Questions during the lecture led great discussion – is this product for everyone, can younger people use Perceptiv, what did the clinical trials demonstrate, and is it available without a prescription.
Dr. Shea’s animated responses explained that Perceptiv is available without a prescription, and the double blind studies which are now published showed that this product is beneficial for most adults.
Here is a link to view the presentation if you were unable to attend.
Perceptiv is available on-line or at the store.  The cost is $59.95 for a month supply (60 tab), save $20.00 when you purchase 2 bottles, or buy 3 bottles and get the 4th FREE.

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