Puremedy, LLC announces new laboratory study – 100% natural Original Drawing Salve kills “superbug” MRSA!

Santa Monica, CA – Puremedy (pronounced Pure Remedy) is more than just another skin healing salve – it is the “real stuff”, created in the deepest forest of Canada by an puremedy origindigenous shamanic medicine man over 160 years ago. As was recently discovered in an in-vitro laboratory study, this same skin healing salve kills the “superbug” MRSA which is resistant to methicillin antibiotics. This family remedy has been passed down through many generations, created for the ownerʼs great grandfather by the tribal elder when he fell into a campfire. His third degree burn and pursuant infection were perfectly healed – without a scar – by using this ʻmiracle salveʼ. Since then this homeopathic remedy has been used for everything from wound healing and first aid to eczema and nail fungus. The ingredients are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-yeast and antiinflammatory,
and can be used for cuts, burns, skin infections, fever blisters, blemishes, cold sores, canker sores, scars, rash, dry skin, boils, ingrown hairs, insect bites and so much more. In fact, it is so multi-purpose that many use Puremedy as a night cream to unclog skin pores and help reduce the appearance of fine lines. A must-have for every home!
Tribal remedy meets modern times:
This 150 year old family remedy utilizes 3 different types of tree saps. In an independent in-vitro laboratory study, it was clinically proven to kill over 99% of the MRSA bacteria, staph and other microorganisms in just 30 minutes. Medical professionals and scientists have been sounding the alarm for over a decade – we MUST decrease our over-use and
abuse of antibiotics. MRSA and other “superbugs” are killing hundreds of thousands of people each year. Puremedyʼs Original Drawing Salve increases blood circulation to the affected area which encourages the growth of new skin, at the same time killing bacteria naturally – making it an unbeatable, superior topical wound and skin healing ointment.
Puremedy is often called ʻthe magic salveʼ and is truly a logical choice for all types of skin issues. It is so pure that it can be eaten to relieve symptoms associated with a sore throat or stomach ulcers. Using only the highest quality organic or wild harvested ingredients, Puremedy is of the
earth and absolutely 100% natural. Puremedy is quickly gaining a world wide acceptance among doctors, health practitioners and consumers alike. Discover the old world secrets of these timeless ingredients for yourself! Our Original Drawing Salve is available in a one ounce size for $14.95 and a two ounce size for just $26.95. Puremedy is a homeopathic remedy. Although all of our results have been documented with testimonials and personal results.
Puremedy is not a medical drug and has not been proven to, nor is it intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.
click here to see the  Antimicrobial Efficacy/time-kill analysis report
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