Recover from St. Patrick's Day

Did you have one two many Guinness to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  Need to recover from all of that green beer?
Here are a few suggestions that you can find at Johnson Compounding to help you feel better and bounce back from a hangover.
Hangover Help by Newton Homeopathic is formulated for symptoms associated with intoxication including dizziness, discomfort, nausea and headache.

Ginger has long been used to treat nausea and seasickness. And, since having a hangover is much like being seasick, this easy remedy works wonders.
Coconut water  hydrates the body with out the extra calories plus being low in carbohydrates and sugar is a plus. Valuable electrolytes are also found in coconut water along with sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphate.
Click Here to check out some additional tips ( help you detox and recover.


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