Renovation and Inspection Update

Here at JCWC, we take safety seriously!  It’s our job to ensure that you are receiving the highest level of quality compounds. To do so, we have taken steps to make sure that the preparations we compound are safe and effective. Our staff is properly trained on compounding and aseptic sterile roomtechnique, our equipment is regularly inspected and certified, and we monitor our compounding environment daily. Our newest renovation took place in the sterile lab.
The addition to our sterile lab has allowed us to take our quest for safety to another level! The renovation provides us a space to safely prepare sterile compounds containing hazardous ingredients while reducing the risk of cross contamination – a benefit to both our staff and our patients.

Construction started in June 2013 and a few short days later, on June 11th 2013, Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy Inspectors were here to make sure our new clean-room met their rigorous standards. We are pleased to share with you the wonderful news – our new clean-room has passed inspection!
The new space was approved for use on June 11th and we have since been busy preparing the high quality sterile compounds that you have come to know and expect from JCWC. Sterile Compounding is a vital and ever changing field that we are proud to be a part of.
The addition of a negative pressure clean-room allows us to better meet the needs of our patients and the community. So tell us, what can we compound for you?

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