Running with JCW

This is our 2nd year sponsoring the Race Around Waltham Series (RAW).  In each race, we have had a great showing from our employees at JCW.  We’re very proud of everyone who has participated.  Running with JCW is an awesome way to get out there, get some fresh air and get a good workout in!  For some of our runners, this is their first official race ever!
And for new runners, here are a few tips to follow to get you up and going:
– Wear comfortable clothes: clothes and running sneakers are key.  If you are unsure, visit a local sporting good store and ask someone for some help.
– Warm up and cool down: a brisk walk before and after the run can help the body to prepare and cool down without getting cold
– Eating and Drinking: Make sure you energize and fuel up beforehand, but don’t overdo it!  Have a bananna before and make sure to stay hydrated during a race and after.
– Don’t worry about your time:  If you are getting off the couch and running in your first 5K or your 100th…good for you!  If need be, try and run-walk approach when you first get out there.
– Have fun!

Keep up the good work with all of the races.

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