Sigvaris compression stockings at JCW

According to the Vascular Disease Foundation, “A large U.S. survey, the Framingham study, reported that 27 percent of the American adult population had some form of venous disease in their legs. It is estimated that at least 20 to 25 million Americans have varicose veins.”

Wearing compression stocking is an important part in the treatment of venous disorders. Compression therapy is a cornerstone in the treatment of venous disorders and diseases of the lymphatic system.  We are proud to carry the Sigvaris brand at Johnson Compounding & Wellness.

Conditions that may benefit from compression stockings:

Chronic Venous Disease     -Acute Venous Disease

-Varicose Veins                      -Deep Vein Thrombosis

-Leg Ulcer                               -Diabetes

-Lymphedema                       -Pregnancy 


Here at Johnson Compounding & Wellness we have 2 certified stocking fitters, Jenna and Sarah.  That means that our fitters have the needed medical knowledge to safely measure, fit and select the appropriate product for patients with venous disorders.

A few reasons it is so important to have certified fitters:

  • Describe the normal and abnormal venous system
  • Understand how medical compression stockings treat venous disorders
  • Matching the correct product to the patient’s condition
  • Distinguish the SIGVARIS product line
  • Understand how to measuring and fit SIGVARIS products
  • Educate patients on the importance of compliance of wearing compression stockings.

Call today #781-893-3870 to book your fitting and learn which compression stockings are best for you.  Or you can always drop by to speak with our knowledgeable staff!

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