Are you sleep deprived???

As a first time mom to my amazing 6 month old daughter, I am realizing that sleep is one thing that I am lacking in my life.  Before I had my lil munchkin, I recall hearing all my mom friends, relatives and complete stranger tell me: ‘make sure you sleep now…while you still can’.  And now I am realizing what the heck they were talking about.  Some night are great and I will actually get a good 5-6 hours.  But the nights when I am up 4-5 times… I most certainly feel it the next day.
Click here to read this article on the effects lack of sleep can have on your health; mind and body.
It is alarming to see how lack of sleep really does effect so many aspects of your life.  Especially with Flu season in full swing, sleep is crucial for maintaining good health.  And although I am extremely blessed with my beautiful daughter and I wouldn’t change a thing (other than maybe a few more hours of consecutive sleep), I now realize how important a good nights sleep really is.  And I keep reminding myself that I am not the first person to lack sleep…and I am sure that I won’t be the last.
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