Fall allergies (ragweed) is almost here!

Loren and Walley talk about Allergy New England Mix click to listen!Here are some suggestions:
Allergy New England Mix:   2 sprays 1-4 times a day as needed
  • This is a homeopathic blend of the pollens that are native to New England.  No drowsiness, will not interact with prescriptions.  Safe for kids and adults.

 Histaminum 30C:  5 pellets under tongue every 15 minutes until symptoms subside

Natural Creation Nasal Spray: 1 spray each nostril up to 6 times a day as needed for congestion
  • This is a homeopathic nasal spray, non habit forming, no side effects and very effective in helping with sinus congestion and swelling.

Allergy Atlantic Mold Mix:  10 drops 1-3 times a day as needed for mold allergies

  • A homeopathic blend of the molds that are prevalent in New England.  Allergy Atlantic Mold Mix  helps with symptoms and the body’s reaction to the molds.  No side effects and no drug interactions

Please feel free to ask for help to determine what is best for you.

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