Spring into Health!

I don’t know about you but I am super-excited for SPRING!!!  To be outside in the fresh air, not having to worry about shoveling that darn snow.  Spring can’t come soon enough.  Here are 10 fun ideas to consider as you countdown the days until Springtime!
1.) Spring cleaning!  Dust contributes to allergies and asthma, but did you also know that clutter can affect your health too?  Disorganization makes it difficult to find items you need.  Time spent looking for things only make your more frustrated.  Clutter can also cause anxiety in many people.  So, pick a room, closet, drawer or your whole house and get cleaning.
2.)  Get out into nature.  Visit a national, state, or local park and go for a trail walk, run, or hike.  Fresh air and nature always does a body good.  Spring is a perfect time to get out there – it’s warm enough to enjoy the outdoors.
3.)  Start carrying a water bottle with you.  It’s a lot easier to stay hydrated when you have the water right next to you.  And everyone needs more water!
4.)  Looking to cook more???  Pick a new healthy recipe, and then actually make it. Find a new recipe a week and stick to it!
5.)  Eat more fish!  Seafood has many benefits, from being packed with protein to providing us with heart-healthy and brain boosting omega-3 fatty acids.  Make it a priority to eat fish at least once a week – preferably twice a week.
6.)  Try an exercise that brings out your inner child.  Jump rope, skip, play hopscotch, jump on a trampoline – anything that makes you remember exercise can be fun.
7.)  If you are having trouble keeping those extra pounds off, track what you are doing.  Keep a log of what you are eating as well as your exercise routine.  You may find a few things that you can tweak in order to feel better about your choices.
8.)  Challenge yourself to do something new and different.  Take a cooking class, visit a new museum or sign up for a 5K .  Nothing is more motivating than making the commitment and investing in yourself.
9)  Get that brain working!  Read a new book, do a crossword puzzle or pick up a new magazine.
10.) Visit Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center and speak to our health and wellness experts.  They may be able to jump start a healthy routine for you.  Whether you need a whole-food multivitamin, or maybe you are in need of a new fish oil that won’t make you have fishy burps?  We can help!

Happy Spring everyone!

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