Stressed… Low Energy… Too much Energy… Lack of Sleep

by Sarah Bernardi , BSN

Are you stressed?

It’s summertime in New England and you’re supposed to be having fun, going to BBQs, the beach, hiking, swimming, playing outside with your children or grandchildren and going on vacation. Stress from work, bills, relationships, driving the kids to activities and all the usual stresses we live with daily do not take the summer off. It is very understandable why many people have a hard time relaxing and enjoying the “slower pace” of summer.
Urban Moonshine, a great company from Burlington, VT has formulated some amazing herbal tinctures, tonics and truly medicinal remedies which can help you break out of the funk and become energized, less stressed and sleeping better.
Joy Tonic taking daily will provide relief from the occasional anxiety and helps when stress leads to worry and tension. It really works wonders when you need to transition from the role of a parent to work mode. Mix 1 tsp. in some sparkling water 30 minutes before you need to settle down and work and you’ll notice that the transition is much calmer even if your stuck in traffic on your way to work.
Energy Tonic is an energizing adaptogenic formula that supports your adrenals and boosts stamina and endurance. It is a liquid formula that is best taken 1 tsp. in the morning and 1 tsp. midday. It works fast, provides gentle support to avoid the midday energy crash compared to a cup of coffee that might temporarily increase energy, but in a short time your energy crashes. It is great to take before a workout to help you push through “the wall” and increases your athletic ability.
Simmer Down Tonic assists with the wired, stressed, anxious feeling to transition to a more mellow mood without sedation. It protects the body against the effects of stress and encourages a restful sleep. Taken at 4 pm and Bedtime daily for at least two weeks Simmer Down Tonic help rebuild the parasympathetic nervous system  relax you and normalize your sleep patterns. This is a great gift for everyone; students, new parents to the sleep deprived grandparent. It is also a great formula that can be used with the Energy Tonic for those people that wake up exhausted and are too energized to sleep at night.
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