Are you stressed?

A recent study found that nearly 20% of American feel too stressed to make healthy choices.  Do you fall into that 20%?  There is definitely a lot of news and information out there regarding what is ‘good for you’; what chemicals are harmful, what foods to avoid and so much more.  It can all be very overwhelming and confusing.  So take a deep breath and rest assured, that as stressful as your days may seem, there are some quick and easy ways to ensure that you are staying healthy.
– Shop wisely: If you don’t have to time make a grocery list and you make a quick trip to the grocery store – buy items that will be easy to make quick meals.  Chicken, fish, frozen veggies, fresh or frozen fruit, quinoa, etc.
– Smart snacking: Make your snacks count.  Replace chips, cookies and crackers with healthier options.  Hummus, yogurt and veggies can be great options.  Make a smoothie ahead of time, that can be a great midday snack.
– Eat together: As chaotic as your daily routine can be, find time to sit down and make dinner time a priority.  And even if you can’t do every night of the week…try and commit to a few nights a week.
– Drop the soda: Drink more water!  If you need a little flavor, throw in some lemon or mint.
-Get up and Move: Exercise tends to be the first thing to go when we feel stressed.  Make time for a brisk walk before or after work.  Or if your in the house with the kids – do some squats, lunges or some jumping jacks.  Short activity bursts benefit the body and the mind.
There are many other steps you can take to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Live more and stress less!

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