Superfood Smoothie

By: Bridgitte Carroll, MS, RDN – Integrative and Functional Dietitian

A Superfood Smoothie is a great liquid breakfast that may be the answer to your busy mornings. Smoothies are my favorite way to jam pack your morning with nutrients and even get in some vegetables. It’s quick and takes the guess work out of “what should I have?” Additionally, our digestive systems are just waking up in the morning so some of my clients find that this blended treat is a great way to start their day – I know it is for me! You can drink it in the car, but make sure you’re still being cognizant of how quickly you are consuming it AND that you’re not stressed in the wild Boston traffic. If you drink too quickly, it could give you stomach upset. Shoot for a start to finish time of 20-30 minutes.
Here is the base the smoothie that I drink every morning:
1 cup Wild Blueberries

½-1 cup Frozen Spinach
1 cup of nut milk or organic, grass fed milk
2 scoops Vital Proteins Grass-fed collagen
1 teaspoon MCT Oil
1 scoop of powdered greens (Innate or Amazing Grass)
Blend and ENJOY!
Here are some superfood swaps so you can personalize your morning smoothie:

Heart Health
  • Swap the MCT oil for 2 Tablespoons of ground flax seeds
Gut Health
  • Swap the Collagen for a healing protein powder – I love Metagenics UltraGI Replenish
  • Choose a probiotic rich, grass-fed kefir in place of the milk
Detoxification Support
  • Swap the spinach for dandelion greens
  • Add ½ cup frozen cauliflower – a great sub if you usually choose bananas to make your smoothie creamy
Not filling?
  • You can double the recipe but stick with around 25 – 30 g of protein (3 scoops of most protein powders), over that and your body won’t utilize it as well
  • Add more bulk with vegetables that don’t add much flavor such as frozen cauliflower or zucchini
  • Try 1-2 tablespoons for a nut butter in place of the MCT oil to give it a heartier, nutty flavor
Need to switch it up?
  • Warming spices in the winter are a great add. Try ginger, cinnamon, cloves or allspice
  • Vanilla or almond extract can bump up the flavor

Many of my clients find that the “liquids before lunch” concept helps keep them lean and energized. And as I mentioned before, it also can be easier on our digestive system in the morning.
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