Take Control of your Health with the Fresh Start Program: link to the lecture on April 23, 2014

We introduced Take Control of your Health  with the Fresh Start Program Wednesday evening April 23rd, 2014.
The lecture room was packed, the discussions were great and the enthusiasm was overwhelming.  take control of your health
People are signing up to start the program immediately, and many people have already booked start dates over the next few weeks.
There were many people who could not make it to the live presentation, and some attendees expressed that they would like some friends or family members to learn about what was presented.  
We have recorded the seminar and have it available on YouTube.
Click here for a web based video recording of the seminar.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
Good morning Gary,

The fresh start program is the best thing that has happened to me. I was at my wits end to stop my migraines which were occurring at least twice a month. I felt very unhealthy and was al of a sudden putting on weight that I couldn’t explain for get off.
With this program and within 3-4 months. I feel healthier, not as sleepy during the day, I have way more energy and most importantly I have not had a migraine in over 6 weeks now. That is a record in my life. I am losing inches and way more active because my body has more energy. I would fully recommend this program to anyone.” Jenika, MA
“I haven’t been losing weight but the most important thing you did was let me know what is important and what is not. I thought that some patterns I had were unhealthy and you explained that they were normal–being hungry and eating every few hours is the pattern that stands out. You helped me stop the incorrect, self-critical thinking–best intervention of all!
–Having me thinking about the Glycemic Index has been very good for me.
–You educated me about which food choices were healthy and why, as well as which choices are best made in moderation. Let me say “planful moderation”. You helped me by sharing lots of examples from your own experience. You provided context. 
–You helped by talking about the importance of having support, in particular how your wife helps you from time to time–“here’s your almonds for the day. There are 12 in that bag.”  or your description of working out how to sample bits of lots of pies by teaming up with your wife and friends to create sample plates together. 
–You also helped me see why programs focused specifically on weight loss result in short-term success and long-term relapse. As soon as I stopped using the processed, high protein foods I bought through the program, I was lost in finding good ways to eat in the long run. I couldn’t find my way to normal because I didn’t have a normal before the program and I didn’t establish a normal afterwards.
–Your low-key, non-judgmental approach, your ease with meeting people wherever their starting point is, was also wonderful. The program is aptly named, “Fresh Start”. Thanks!  Pat, MA
Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any thoughts on vitamins. I am better with a one-a-day approach but fine with following best practices.



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