There's always something to be Thankful for…

And this Thanksgiving…let us be Thankful for our HEALTH!  Many of us take our health for granted every day. We forget that there are many people suffering with illness, pain, starvation and many other ailments.
This Thursday, amidst all the running around and craziness, take a moment to be thankful for your health.  You are blessed if you are able to play with kids, be active, work and enjoy your life. Here are a few ways to celebrate your health this Thanksgiving…
Start a new Tradition.  Since I can remember, each Thanksgiving we sit down as a family, say Grace and everyone says what they are thankful for.  It’s a nice tradition and we look forward to sharing new things every year!
Take a walk before/after Thanksgiving meal. Burn off those extra calories and get your heart pumping. Walking is a wonderful way to boost mood and increase energy – or if you’re feeling motivated, mix it up and sprint for 30-60 seconds while walking.
Laugh!!! Laughter is a powerful healer. It boosts your “feel good” hormones, beats stress and works those abs muscles all at once. When you are reuniting with your friends and relatives, tell stories and jokes of past Holidays!
Play a little football. Many people enjoy the football season on the television. Why not have your own game? Get out in the fresh air and play a quick game. A little friendly/family competition is always fun (as long as no one gets hurt!)
Try a Gluten-free dessert. Have you ever tried a gluten-free dessert?  If not, you are certainly missing out.  Many people have gluten sensitivity, intolerance, or allergy. It can cause inflammation throughout the body and symptoms such as irritable bowel, fatigue, depression and headaches. Gluten is found in wheat, breads, pasta, processed foods, deserts, etc. There are plenty of bakeries and grocery stores nowadays that offer gluten-free products.
Drink red wine. Red wine has a wonderful phenol in it called Resveratrol that comes from grapes. This helps lower bad cholesterol, lowers blood sugar and protects your cells from harmful substances.  Swap out that beer and white wine, and grab a glass of red!

Wishing all of our awesome customers a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving! 


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