Time to prepare for the Flu

sneeze“Eat well, get a good night’s sleep, wash you hands well before eating or touching your face”

This is what mothers have been saying for generations.  They are right.  If we eat well, are well rested and take care of  our hygiene, we can prevent many illnesses.

There are a few more things that can help our immune system stay in balance:

· Take a probiotic every day

· Influenzinum 1M (10 drops every 14 days) has been suggested and used by homeopaths and naturopaths. 

 At the first sign of  the flu:

· Oscillococcinum: 1 vial under tongue every 6 hours as needed

· Umka Cold and Flu: as directed on package

· Engystol tablets: 1 tablet under tongue 3 times a day

· Esberitox:  as directed on package

· Immune take Care: 1 lozenge 2 times a day

These are a few suggestions to help with your immune system support and symptoms of the flu.

Please stop in or call if you have any questions.  There are protocols for  everyone from children to adults.

Let us help you find the best protocol for you!


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