Tips to help you enjoy the summer and travel

Summer is a time when our skin is more exposed and more vulnerable. Keep some Calendula ointment in your first aid kit for a multitude of uses. Use it for scratches and small cuts after proper disinfection. Also try it for barbeque burns, to soften the skin around blisters or for cracked and dry elbows or knees. Calendula (marigold) extracts have been shown to promote healing of wounds  and the ointment keeps the skin moisturized. For sunburns, use Calendula Lotion, which can be easily spread over large areas. Calendula cream is excellent for chafing during sports or hikes.
If you are traveling across more than three time zones, jet lag might affect you. It usually takes the body one day per time zone to adjust. Take Cocculus indicus 6C, 5 pellets 3 times a day, to relieve sleep pattern disturbances, and the nauseous feeling you might get, especially traveling eastward. Also try Arnica 30C, same dosage, if you feel stiff and achy after long hours in the plane. As with all homeopathic treatment, simply decrease the frequency when symptoms improve.
Traveling abroad during vacation also means eating different foods. Sometimes, this upsets the balance of our digestive system and the symptoms can be very uncomfortable. Whether you call it Montezuma’s revenge, Pharaoh’s wrath or traveler’s diarrhea, take 5 pellets of Arsenicum album 30C 3 times a day as soon as symptoms occur, especially if you feel chilly and weak. Stay hydrated, rest, re-balance your digestive flora with probiotics and let the storm pass. Also try Nux vomica 30C is you feel nauseous.
If diarrhea has been caused by eating too much fresh fruit, like plums or watermelon, use Podophyllum 30C, 5 pellets each time you need to use the restroom. Also try Cuprum metallicum 6C if you have painful digestive cramps.
Finally, take a tube of Arnica gel or cream with you.  It’s handy for several problems. Use it for muscle stiffness and overexertion, for instance if you are increasing your physical activity (i.e., playing volley ball, hiking, sailing). Applying it to  your ankles, knees, low back and shoulders can also lessen muscles aches when  you are visiting a city and carrying bags and cameras.  Use a little Arnica cream on a toddler’s bump, provided the skin is not open. Last,  it also decreases bruising and lessens discoloration, which might be more visible with summer clothing.

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