Travel with Healthy legs

Now that the snow has melted(most of it) and the weather it warming up, vacation time is picking up!  And as you plan your travels, make sure you have your compression stockings for those
At Johnson Compounding and Wellness, we carry Sigvaris, which is known for their quality and comfort. Check out this great link from Sigvaris: Healthy legs during travel
Recently a flight attendant came in for a fitting.  She had been seen her doctor and had a complete physical.  Her doctor recommended compression stockings…which is great!  It is amazing when they are recommend as prevention, and not when there already may be a problem with your veins.
Click here for the CDC (Center for Disease Controls) information on the risks of blood clots and what you need to be aware of when flying.
sigvarisCall 781-893-3870 or stop by today for a fitting!  One of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to review the benefits of compression stockings.  Happy Travels….and healthy legs.

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