Have you tried Fire Cider?

Join us November 8th for our Customer Appreciation Day…and have a taste!
Expectations are high as roaming ciderman Sean Callaghan brings plenty of samples here to give away of delicious, nutritious Fire Cider ™ from Shire City Herbals! For generations, those who understand the value and power of raw folk medicine have enjoyed Fire Cider – a spicy, sweet tangy tonic, made with raw, unpasteurized Organic Certified Apple Cider Vinegar, Merrimack Valley raw wildflower honey and eight Organic Certified ingredients (garlic, lemons, oranges, habanero, horseradish, turmeric, onions and ginger).
Many enjoy Fire Cider for the traditional reasons: it is a traditional New England remedy, reported to improve digestive health, is a powerful aid to healthy digestion and fighting heartburn, is pro-biotic, anti-inflammatory and can reduce blood pressure. In addition, it makes a wonderful FDA-approved supplement to salad dressings, marinades, barbecue sauce, stir-fry, grilled veggies, a spicy addition to seafood, even amazing adult beverages!


Mr. Callaghan will be offering samples of the legendary Fire Cider, as well as giving out bookmarks, cookbooks, shot-glasses and even t-shirts. Wow! Stop by for a nice healthy, invigorating dose!

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