Two great products for Immune Support this winter

Immune Max™ Black Elderberry with Vitamins C & D3 + Zinc

Immune Max boosts natural defenses and every day immune health.

  • An all-in-one daily formula to support immune health!
  • Contains 4 key ingredients Elderberry, Vitamins C and D3, and zinc picolinate to help protect against environmental threats*
  • Supports the body’s natural innate and adaptive immune function*
  • Potent nutrient support to help maintain healthy cells during seasonal challenges*
  • Elderberry comes from whole-food, extra virgin Elderberry juice that preserves their natural goodness
  • Equal to 72 berries per serving!
  • Contains >3% polyphenols from Elderberry

Rich in berry nicronutrients that help boost the natural immune response

Vitamin C

Essential to the function of immune cells, especially natural defense cells phagocytes and T-cells

Vitamin D3

Helps your immune system stay seasonally balanced


An essential mineral that helps to maintain healthy cells during seasonal challenges

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Enzyme Defense Extra Strength

  • Supports healthy immune function and circulation
  • Helps remove unwanted proteins from the bloodstream
  • Provides support to help purify the body
  • Promotes breakdown of excess mucus

Give your immune system a hand—with twice the enzyme power of Enzyme Defense regular strength.

Nearly all environmental threats contain proteins that the immune system must identify and break down. Enzymes that break down protein (proteolytic) can support this immune process.* Enzyme Defense Extra Strength gives the immune system a much-needed boost while also supporting healthy circulation.

The Science

Nearly all environmental threats contain protein, which means that enzymes designed to break down protein can give our immune systems a much-needed assist.

So, what are enzymes and how do they work?  
Enzymes act like scissors, cutting up and breaking down specific foods and compounds. When the protein-digesting enzyme protease is taken orally, it is absorbed in the gut, goes into the bloodstream and breaks down unwanted or damaged proteins.*

Why is Enzyme Defense Extra Strength better?
Enzyme Defense Extra Strength is packed with a number of beneficial enzymes, including protease, catalase, Mucolase® and serrapeptase, to help neutralize free radicals, digest mucus, encourage healthy circulation and support systemic health.

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