Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy

Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy is a once-daily nutritional support packet formulated to comprehensively promote the health of both mother and child – even before pregnancy begins!A woman should begin taking Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy the moment she starts planning to have a child, rather than waiting until after a positive pregnancy test. Research shows that fetal brain and spinal cord development begins in the earliest stages of pregnancy – a time when a woman may not even realize she is pregnant, indicating the need to establish healthy levels of supportive nutrients early on. This is especially true when it comes to proper levels of omega-3 fatty acids, folate, choline, calcium magnesium, and antioxidants-essential nutrients found in Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy.Once-daily packets guarantee the consumption of vitamins, minerals, and purity-certified omega 3s to:

Support reproductive health.Promote a smooth pregnancy.Enhance fetal growth and development.Relieve postpartum negative moon.Support fetal neurological health with 1 mg body-ready folate.Enhances fetal brain development with choline and DHA.Supports muscular relaxation and may prevent nocturnal legmuscle cramps with calcium and magnesium.Supplies safe levels of vitamin A with natural precursorcarotenoids.

Stop in or call if you are thinking about having a baby, are pregnant or nursing and find out how Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy can help mother and child!

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