Vitamins, minerals and nutrients

Vitamins, minerals and nutrients are what our bodies need to live, heal and to perform the thousands of metabolic processes our bodies perform. The products that we carry in our retail and online stores are carefully selected by our pharmacists to provide only high-quality nutritional supplements to our customers.


Mother Nature provided us with wonderful herbs to help us with our imbalances, symptoms and health issues that deal with a variety of ailments from an over active bladder, menopause to anxiety. In fact, certain pharmaceuticals are based on an active ingredient from an herb, including the heart medication Lanoxin, the pain reliever aspirin and the cholesterol drug Lipitor.

Herbal products and blends can be very effective in providing relief to acute symptoms, and also to assist us in balancing and restoring our bodies back to health and wellness.

Digestion and Elimination

With certified enzyme experts on staff, Johnson Compounding & Wellness can be a resource to support naturally improving digestive issues.

The first step to regaining or maintaining health is proper digestion, or the breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients. Poor digestion and elimination is the underlying cause of many chronic health problems.

Indigestion affects everyone to one degree or another. Indigestion symptoms include bloating, belching and gas, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, acidic taste, burning in the stomach or upper abdomen, and growling stomach. These symptoms may indicate gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), ulcers, or gallbladder disease.

Eating slowly, drinking less alcohol, reducing stress and not smoking all help to reduce these digestive symptoms.

Enzymes – the solution to our digestive problems – are naturally produced by our bodies and found in fresh wholesome foods and supplements. Nearly every action that takes place within the body – including digestion, immunity, and cellular repair – requires the action of enzymes.

Probiotics fuel our digestion through the production of digestive enzymes. Probiotic dietary supplements, which contain the healthy bacteria found in yogurt. Probiotics have made the national headlines, but not all the facts are known.


Our liver filters and cleans everything we absorb from our diet. When we sleep, our bodies detoxify environmental pollutants and normal metabolic waste. Our liver and detox pathways are damaged by alcohol, food additives, processed foods, pesticides and by the pharmaceuticals we ingest.

Proper liver support and detoxification can help us to be healthy and can even slow down the aging process. There is no one right detox – it depends on each person’s lifestyle, history and state of health.

At Johnson Compounding & Wellness, we help put together the proper protocol for each customer based on their individual needs.