What Exactly is Castor Oil and How Do I Use It?

What Exactly is Castor Oil and How Do I Use It? – By Tamara Luck & Brittany Adelman –

Castor oil has been around for thousands of years as a powerful, yet underutilized, natural treatment for a variety of health issues. It is a potent form of vegetable oil made from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant and has many medicinal, industrial, and pharmaceutical uses. Castor oil is a common additive to food, medication, and skin care products and possesses the unique ability to penetrate the skin’s barrier (or the epidermis!) to heal and detoxify affected areas.

Castor oil has been used in many ways to provide relief for many common conditions. Whether used cosmetically or medicinally, castor oil has been shown to help achieve the following:

  • Relieves constipation:
    • Castor oil has natural laxative properties and has been known to temporarily relieve constipation when consumed orally in moderate doses.
  • Detoxifies the liver:
    • Castor oil contains essential fatty acids such as ricinoleic acid that help the liver naturally shuttle particles and cleanse the body of toxins. A Castor oil pack can be placed directly on the liver to stimulate detoxification. A heating pad can be added to the Castor oil pack for additional warmth and relaxation if needed.
  • Decreases inflammation:
    • Castor oil contains powerful pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties that when applied to the skin, may be particularly helpful for those with inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis.
  • Improves acne:
    • In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, Castor oil also contains significant antimicrobial properties. Combine the two together, and you have a perfect defense against acne. Castor oil can help fight bacterial overgrowth on the skin and may reduce acne symptoms.
  • Stimulates hair and lash growth:
    • The ricinoleic acid and fatty acid properties in Castor oil may help to stimulate hair growth. Castor oil can be applied to the scalp or brows to strengthen, thicken, and improve the health of your hair and brows. Applying castor oil to the nails can also encourage growth.
  • Moisturizes dry skin:
    • Castor oil can be added to cosmetic products like lotions, makeup, and cleansers to boost skin hydration and can also be used as a replacement for moisturizers. Most common moisturizers contain harmful additives such as plastics, preservatives, perfumes, and dyes, which can cause skin irritation and increase exposure to toxins. Swapping these products for Castor oil can reduce your exposure to these harmful additives and will leave your skin feeling healthy and hydrated!
  • Promotes wound healing:
    • Castor oil contains properties that stimulate tissue growth and can be applied to wounds to promote healing, prevent drying, and decrease the risk of infection.

Castor Product Recommendations

All of our Castor oil products are clean, organic, and natural and can be incorporated into your regular health care routine. The following products are all available for purchase through Johnson Compunding’s online pharmacy:

  • The Queen of the Thrones™ Castor Oil (A Johnson favorite!): An all-natural, high-quality Castor oil for topical use. This product can be used as a face wash, hair mask, used to treat fine lines and aging spots, improve brittle nails, thicken eyelashes and eyebrows, and MORE!
  • Castor Oil Pack (Organic Cotton Compress): An organic, heat-less and reusable compress made with an inner layer of organic cotton Sherpa and outer layer or eco- and health-friendly polyurethane. Can be applied directly to the body as a detoxifying compress.
  • Organic Cosmetic Castor Oil 100mL: 100% cold pressed organic castor oil that can be massaged directly onto skin, hair, and nails, used with the Beauty Sleep Eye Kit (see below!), or mixed with your favorite oils as a moisturizer.
  • Castor Oil Beauty Sleep Brow & Lash Kit: This kit is used to support brow and lash growth. Naturally plumps and moisturizes the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles, and improves in sleep. Comes with an organic eye mask to naturally support melatonin for better sleep.

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