Where are you getting your Supplements?

This week there have been many news reports about several major retailers in New York selling mislabeled herbal products. Click Here to read the recent New York Times article. All to often we hear people say that they prefer to buy their vitamins in bulk, because they are getting more for their money? But are they really? Often times you are getting a product that is worthless so in essence whatever you paid makes them quite expensive.
SupplementsAt Johnson Compounding & Wellness, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality products. We choose products that we would feel comfortable giving to our own family members. Diane and Steve Bernardi, owners at JCW, do extensive research on the companies that manufacture the supplements they carry and the 3rd party testing they do as well . They travel to various trade shows to gain as much knowledge in order to provide their customers with superior supplements and many other natural products.

If you have questions on the products you are taking, please feel free to call and speak to our Wellness Staff!


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