Why Probiotics are so important for everyone!

A recent front page story in the MetroWest Daily News pointed out that Clostrium difficile (C. diff) is becoming a serious health problem throughout the country. C. diff is a bacteria that lives in our intestines, and is kept in check by the healthy bacteria (probiotics). Dr. Thomas Treadwell, director of MetroWest Medical Center’s infectious disease clinic, points out in the article that C. diff. only causes a problem when antibiotics kill off too many of the benificial bacteria in the intestines. This disrupts natures balance and C.diff. can multiply causeing extreme bouts of diarrhea and potentially fatal C. diff bacterial infection.We at Johnson Drug have been reccomending that a well formulated Probiotic be taken when ever an antibiotic is prescribed, and we also reccomend that they be taken on a regular basis to help keep the healthy bacteria in balance in the gut.There are specific formulations for newborns, children and adults. Please stop in or call us to find out which probiotic is right for you.Read the article here.

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