Womens Heart Healthy Month

Ladies let’s begin the start of heart health month right! First and foremost lets address the stressors in our lives; your every day agitators and frustrations can be seriously harming your heart health.  Of course, eating healthy and exercising promotes heart health.  However, if stress is left unaddressed, it can put an unnecessary strain on your heart.
Here’s an easy tip after a stressful day.  Take time for yourself everyday; even if for only 15 minutes.  Make it yours and do something for yourself!  This is especially important for your mind and well being.  Many studies have shown those who take the time to relax and unwind have lower risks of heart attacks and strokes.  You may feel that you don’t have the time to take a break,  but decreasing your risk of cardiovascular disease is worth the effort.  Your heart will thank you!
Before entering your home take a quick walk to the corner of your street/neighborhood and back (it doesn’t need to be far).  Or if the winter weather is keeping your in, find a quiet place in your house, light a candle and sit in silence.  This will allow you to unwind and to leave the stress of the day outside of your home. Try it you’ll be amazed how much better you feel!
Diet, exercise and bringing your stress levels down can help your heart.  What else can you do? SUPPLEMENTS are a great addition to your daily regime.  We always suggest that you consult your health care practitioner before starting starting a supplement regimen ~ just to be safe.
Here are a few of the most common supplements that help support heart health.

  • Omega 3’s are really beneficial to the heart.  They help regulate blood lipids and may help reduce the hardening of the arterial walls.   This supplement doesn’t just stop there.  It is also amazing for hair, skin and nails and so much more!  It is a great in conjunction with taking a fish oil supplement  – but make sure to read the labels to ensure that you are  a getting a pure product. 
  • Hawthorn berry tea is natural tonic for the heart.  It is also a great way to boost your intake of fluids everyday. 
  • Drink water. You should strive to drink half your body weight in ounces daily (ie: if you weigh 140 lbs you should consume 70 ounces of water/day).  
  • Coconut oil is not only tasty it also protects your heart unlike other fatty oils.  Coconut oil has a blend of fatty acids that are beneficial to the heart. 
  • Garlic is not only for great tasting dishes, it is packed with great antioxidant properties that aid in lowering cholesterol thus lowering your risk of heart disease!  Our hearts work hard for us everyday… so this month lets give some love back, discover new ways to protect and restore your heart!

And always remember, you do not have to struggle with stress/anxiety/depression and emotional hardship on your own.   Discover how Bach flower remedies can help you control your emotional happiness and sense of greater well being. If you need further assistance, stop in and speak to  Jenna and Diana.  They will be able to guide you in choosing the right flower remedies for you!
If you have any questions please contact Diana @ 781-893-3870 or diana@naturalcompounder.com.

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